About Stella

A dreamer, wide awake.

Speaking through music, loving the word.

Stella Cruz was born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland. With passion for sounds and curiosity for life, music has always been her road map to new songs and landscapes: soothing vast, rough roads.

Spent some great years at ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts:
BA Music & Dance Pedagogy (2008)
MA Vocal Pedagogy Jazz/Pop (2010)
After graduating in 2010, Cruz went to the Philippines, her mother’s roots, following the ancient call. Travelling from the sea to the mountains for months, the singer left the 7000 islands with heaps of impressions she put together on the album ‘Simplify’. Shortly after the release in June 2011, Radio DRS 3 chose Stella Cruz as Best Talent of the month.
In 2009 she released ‘Fading’ and the handmade EP ‘Bamboo Grooves’.

The journey goes on:
New album PHOENIX, released in MAY 2014! A colourful collection of beauty, warmth and wisdom.




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« ‘Simplify’ could perhaps best be summed up as ‘reconciliatory’. It talks about being “lost but no loser”, being different and yet the same, loving by letting go, growing wings by embracing one’s roots. To anyone who sees these as overwhelming tasks, Stella Cruz’s voice is a vessel that allows them to drift easily on the ocean waves. While life sometimes calls you to swim upstream, other times you can just let the waves carry you. »
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